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Just to make this clear - we didn't spell music wrong - MUSIK is German for music. It was a fun play for music in the US. I could write a book about all this. But let's start simple by telling you why I was made to entertain your event with music.


I guess you could say this all started when I was 9 years old. I'd pull out my parents records and ask my little brother to "dial in and win" and call in for a song request. I'd have all the records neatly organized on the floor and careful not to scratch them because I would get caught. I'd play for hours. Then I'd head out to my fort where I took a tin trash can flipped it upside down and hung the lid from a tree branch. Then I grab 2 sticks and start to play the "drums".


During my junior year I was always in the choir, church choir, band, doing talent shows and break dancing. When I got to high school I was a big part of the church music singing and playing keyboards when I could. I also went through the "I have a band" phase. We were going to become rich and famous.  Playing in the garage and little fun gigs when I was suppose to be home getting ready for school the next day.


I later took a position in the music world working with a label, traveling, doing a&r, writing music, getting paid but again not the big dollars everyone thinks. Back then you did it all with little or no money and an expense account that today would only pay for a happy meal at mcdonalds.


I was on the 10 year college program - started out wanting to do ad design and radio broadcasting only to finally finish with BA Business and a minor in Marketing.  So I ended up working in sales for several years (it pays the bills).


Not too many years later I had an opportunity to help book for a friend for some bar gigs and help her get her name out there - and it was my excuse for getting back into music but I still couldn't quit my day job. It was great for a year or so but then I had to get back to work to pay the bills.


Finally I got to a place in my life where I can do what I love. I now get to enjoy helping people to do the same. I love a great party, writing, producing and then playing the music that makes people smile and want to dance! No I'm still not rich but however I can help with an event and get to utilize these skills - I'm ready!


I look forward to helping make your event customized to your music preferences and helping you have a fantastic time!


Professional Disk Jockey, EMCEE

MY Favorite Genre of music:   Anything with an instrument.  My favorites are 50's music, blues, country, classic rock, latin, alternative, and of course a little hip-hop and EDM these days these beats are easy to mix.  I love it all - I just wouldn't know where to begin!

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